I’m into affiliate marketing for 5 years now but I’m not rich yet! Over these past 5 years I have procured so much knowledge about how to make money online. I have had successful campaigns once in a while that kept me afloat for 5 years but nothing crazy to turn my life around. Meanwhile a lot of affiliate marketing friends are making shit tons of money and I’m nowhere near to what they have achieved. When I think about it, it is difficult to swallow…though i work on super potential projects I always end up losing interest after a while and jump onto something new and more exciting.

I have to at least figure out what’s wrong and how it can be fixed. Jumping onto one after the other is not a bad trait to have. It’s my personality..but I’m sure I can figure out a way to handle it. Well..if that’s not the real issue what else is stopping me!? It took me a while to spot the real enemy “Mediocre Thinking”. I was born into a middle class family and those lessons I kept getting when it comes to finance is pure Mediocrity.

Let’s discuss a scenario..

3 equally creative kids…one is born into a poor family.. One into a middle class.. and the last one into a wealthy family. How do you think these kids are going to evolve in next 15 years?!

Each of these kids are going to get different opportunities and exposure. It is like three layers in society..layer 3 is poor, layer 2 middle class and 1 is wealthy. People that belongs to each layer builds totally different financial framework (how they think about money) from each other. The kid from middle class is taught different lessons about money than what the rich kid is being taught.

Kids from middle class like me have this certain framework full of restrictions inside their head that gives them limiting thoughts about how not to take risks with money..how to always save and lead a mediocre life. If you are stuck into that, achieving great results will always remain a dream. With so much experience and talent the middle class kid is making decent money..meanwhile guys with little to no talent makes 3-5 times more money than he makes. Sounds unfair, but it is not.

When you think making 50k a month is awesome and you can lead a happy life with it…that is going to influence everything you want to build around yourself. I’m not saying you cannot live an happy life with 50k a month. But what if you have so much potential and your beliefs about money is limiting yourself from becoming real big? Now that sounds like a big problem to me. Thinking about making 200k a month actually make them feel uncomfortable because they have grown into this mediocre beliefs about money.

I so badly needed to build this money framework from the scratch so I can see things beyond and build a financially successful life. Instead of thinking how I can plan and spend my monthly salary 50k..I started thinking about what are all my monthly needs and how much it’s gonna cost…which comes up to 200k now that changes everything… From my thought process to the kind of action I put in…everything is different.

When you can look at your future and see how big of a life you desire to live…that alters your journey accordingly. It’s like you are getting an upgrade. This talented guy from middle class with an upgraded financial framework can easily push away untalented guys from layer 1 and move onto the topmost part of the layer. If you want to make a lot of money and achieve great things in life, you have to change your perspectives on how you think about money.

This not only applies to money… It applies to almost everything. One more thing that comes to my mind instantly is getting a girlfriend.

I’m not rich yet… At least I’m on the right track!