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Am I really lazy?

For a very long time I believed I’m just being plain lazy and that’s what is standing in my way of becoming super successful online entrepreneur!

When I work, I work like a crazy workaholic..but I when I don’t, I while away time doing nothing and feeling guilty for being such a loser.

Let me give you an fine morning i decide to sign up for swimming..I’m consistent visiting the place for at least a week or two..but soon I stop visiting the pool and back to feeling guilty for not being consistent, also paying a hefty fee for the membership that just went for nothing. Are you able to relate to this scenario?

So my conclusions about this whole scenario..

I’m being lazy
I’m being inconsistent
I start things but never complete it

These conclusions are negatively influencing me on everything. I’m losing respect for myself.

What’s the real issue? I absolutely love swimming or at least being in water. The only problem I have is travelling! It takes about close to an hour to reach this place. So the one thing that fuel my laziness is travel time! If i can some how eliminate or figure out a way to deal with this one issue..I can be totally be consistent.

I figured out similar hurdles ruining my productivity at work. I realized I’m not being lazy..I’m just stuck or having a creative blockage. Spotting issues and eliminating them is transforming me from being lazy to hyper productive person!

Spot rotten eggs quickly

Make situations uncomfortable or challenging for people you are associated with and learn quickly what they really are deep you don’t get surprised after it’s too late! your rotten eggs as well. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations as often..monitor yourself without justifying your actions and spot rotten eggs if there is any! This will sure speedup your evolving process.

Irrational fear – kick them in the nuts

Looking back and I see I have been manipulated a lot by this one sucker! Riding under a bridge is fearsome.. Omg this bridge is gonna fall on my head anytime let’s speed up! Magically my bus ticket is gonna disappear so let me keep checking it once in a while…and a loads of such silly craps.

Irrational fear is not bad until its percentage remains small. Something like our greenhouse gas layer…as far as it remains thick enough for gasses and heat to enter our atmosphere and reflected back into space, everything is good. What happens when the heat that got inside our atmosphere gets trapped? That’s what exactly happens when we send too much carbondioxide making the ozone thicker so heat gets trapped and we are fucked once and for all. Global warming.

It is one of our primal instincts which helped us to be safe from predators and evolve. Your fear helps you come up with solutions to solve real problems. But when this irrational fear gets out of control that keeps you crippled. You can make it work for you or against you! It’s all about how you tame it.

You should check out some of these products available in the market supporting people’s irrational fear! I keep wondering why do they even need this!

Back to my story..I had this one big layer of irrational fear stacked on me for years. All those philosophies and solutions i cooked up were simply based on it. Problems were unnecessarily magnified or it didn’t matter at all. Eliminating this layer or bringing it under control gave me a new perspective about things and my philosophies got redefined quickly.

Every time I’m riding I have 1% chances of getting into an accident (I’m a decent rider)…we have this strict rules about wearing helmet..and i hate to wear one. Whenever I ride without an helmet I get super conscious. Now my chances of getting into an accident has suddenly become 2%! Imagine, a guy who checks his bus ticket often, how conscious will he be not to get caught by a traffic police?

I started thinking about what’s going to happen when i get caught? They take my license until I pay the fine in court or just have to pay him some bribe (I’m compromised I know), whatever it is i can handle it! Back to my 1%. The positive thing is I bought a new helmet and started wearing it.

Conquer your irrational fear! The more you run the more it chases you like a street dog. Most of the times you are magnifying and over complicating things. Movies you watch play a big role in feeding your brain with irrational fear about almost everything. Remember the effects you had after watching final destination?

Conquering your magnified fear can be personality altering.

The Hustle 2016

So I have come up with a well thought out daily routine for this year. Mostly focused on building new habits. Everytime I schedule something, I stick to the plan so tightly for few day and fall hard on my face soon. This has never worked for me like always! So this time I have a brand new approach for my new schedule.



I’m not gonna care if I stick to the exact plan since day one. I’m starting with the ones I’m most comfortable and excited about. I have started reading…started swimming..sleeping well…slowly adapting healthy eating..well my work routine is fucked up but I’m not so worried or guilty about it. By the end of March if I can adapt to this laid out routine (at least a 75% of it) that will be an accomplishment.

Sticking to the routine so effortlessly – That’s what I aim to achieve. Habits.

Fighting creative blockage

If you are a creative person you know how hard it is when you fall into one of those creative block situation.

Well I found a new way to get out of it pretty soon (I’m still working on perfecting this method).

Just jump into a friends project and try to help him with his challenges… I prefer working in a situation where no one is expecting so much from me…that’s when I perform magic. So this scenario is ideal for me to reboot my creativity or confidence or momentum or whatever you call it!

Your friend will appreciate an unexpected new perspective from a creative friend and you suddenly feel cool with an overflowing momentum.

Doesn’t matter how often you fall it’s all about how quickly you get back on your feet.

Building foundation for a spectacular leap

When I become truly interested in a project and ready to be associated, the next question I get asked is how much do I charge for investing my time and expertise into their projects. Well…at this point I go blank and I simply didn’t know how much to charge…for a very long time!

I try to come up with a number which now I look back was insane! So I don’t have to pay rent and calculating my monthly bills and other miscellaneous expenses it comes around about 25k per month… So I felt like charging a 50k or maybe 75k was a reasonable sum.

That’s a mediocre perspective. I was brought up with so much irrational fear about money that how difficult it is to make money and how you should plan and save and save and other BS about money. I always had this insecurity when it comes to money (as I’m writing this, I still do have those fear though I have figured out which part of my financial senses needs to be rewired..and I’m working on it).

I had a conversation with my fiancee about our near future monthly expenses with a comfortable lifestyle…monthly rent in a decent apartment..utility bills.. Grocery bills..weekly dayout expenses all gathered up to a lakh rupees and another lakh in savings. So a total two lakh rupees sounded reasonable to us. Now I clearly know that’s my requirement and that’s the standard I need to be aiming at. I will not charge not even a penny less if I had to lend my time and expertise. I believe my actions will be automatically altered accordingly to achieve that standard.

Instead of planning a lifestyle with the paychecks u receive, I have decided to go the other way around. Suddenly I sense a huge shift in perspective.

Some basic disciplines and persistence (which again fall under discipline) making money is not that hard.

If you wanna make BIG LEAP you need to rewire your crippled internal beliefs about money to support a successful leap. With each such are maximising the probability of making a successful leap. I believe it is possible to believe your leap is going to be successful even before you start…with such confidence the entire leap will become so effortless and magical.

Heaven or Mars?

Religious people wants to go to heaven…science people wants to go to Mars…no matter which path we take..our brains are all wired pretty much the same.

Genius Con

You don’t have to be a can very easily fake it! Faking it needs work…to sustain the image needs even more hard work…keep at it until you reach a point you start feeling you are fake no more!

95 vs 5

Let thoughts flow freely…observe things from all possible angles…boundaries are there for the normal 95% mass..I most definitely don’t belong there!

Unsettling thoughts #1

I had this weird scenario pop up…. What if the ratio of girls for boys becomes 1:3?

To maintain social harmony, 2 guys for 1 girl becomes socially accepted and becomes normal right?

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