Just having this one quality called “learning from your mistakes” makes you more comfortable making mistakes..turns out you try out a lot of new things comfortably..which increases the possibility of you winning big time with so much experience.

On the other hand…people who doesn’t have this quality are always scared of making mistakes and being judged by others…will tend not to tey new things…almost always ends up a loser.

Symptoms: Blaming others when things go wrong…trying to get credits unnecessarily…feeling low frequently…bitching about people who tries… Not approving when people around you come up with possible solutions to a problem.

Conclusion: people judging that you are an ass is a secondary problem. The primary problem is you are putting a stop on yourself from becoming big. It’s a pity that you do all this thinking you are moving ahead to achieve greatness…but in reality mediocrity will become your life.