Ignorance is such a powerful tool that we all tend to use at some point in our lives or may be everyday!?

When you know those fruits and veggies you eat everyday are kind of poisoned with preservatives.. chemicals are used to make them grow bigger or ripe fast…what steps do you really take? Yes you are aware what’s harming your health..but what do you really do about it? Ignore as if it’s no big deal..meh!

Though I make sure to get them from the best places…and wash off any possible chemicals on them. But I still choose to ignore the fact that it isn’t very effective. These things are not in my control so I choose to ignore it rather than ruining my peace thinking about it.

Think about the list of things you choose to ignore! We human beings are more focused on present situation than worrying about future, at least we say we do but we clearly don’t. We have so much crap to worry about for the next hour or day, so how can you effectively think and act about the future..fair argument.

I have seen people do horrible things and they choose to ignore and soon forget it altogether. The worst part is they behave like nothing ever happened. They don’t want to lose their sleep feeling guilty about what they did… So they kind of build this defense mechanism which makes them behave like everything’s fine and they did nothing wrong.

I find this scenario fascinatingly disturbing. We all do it but some take things to unbelievable extent.

Global warming is happening…economy is falling apart…

On the brighter side things are progressing. A small percentage among us are becoming aliens to rest of us with the kind of technology they are building. Power is shifting towards the geeks.

We are waiting for catastrophic incidents and social chaos.

What possibly could happen!?

A lot of people will die. People in the lower most layer of social status will be the ones that gets hit hard.

People in the top layers ignore and behave like things are normal. World will be occupied by the ones with sound knowledge or wealth.

Ignorance is not bad all the time. It will help you thrive in some scenarios.