Take advantage of your jumpy personality

Changing course often hardly takes you anywhere. But what when your personality is all about getting bored easily when you are taped to one project for while..and always wanting to try new things? When everybody around you makes statements like “you won’t take any thing seriously and keep jumping projects..what’s wrong with you!” …you might even start feeling strongly that it is a problem.

It’s not a problem of course, that’s what you are! It’s your personality. Living your life otherwise causes you deep dissatisfaction and emptiness.

All you need is a cushion to feel comfortable and do the jumping. By cushion I mean a cash cow that makes money every month to cover your lavish lifestyle expenses and more. When you jump after the other you won’t bleed money and save an heart attack for people who are involved.

Set a course…hold on to it until you can start milking it and make it your cash cow. Now is your time to feed your personality! Try new things and instead of jumping from one to another figure out a way how you can keep them active and functional and still jump to a new project for whatever reason.

After a while you turn back you will find a bunch of functional businesses.. some might be dying, but it is not going to hurt you. Overall you might be at a profit or you have even found one or more gold mines. This is how you can use your personality as your leverage to scale your business.

That’s exactly what I intend to do from now on.

Technology: Separating wheat from chaff

Technology is generously helping lazy people to become more and more useless. So when things go wrong they perish easily. Separating wheat from chaff!

Leave the damn thing alone for a while!

This guy got some seeds, happily goes to his garden to plant them all! Wakes up next day so excited to check if there is a plant or maybe even flowers!

Becomes very disappointed and discouraged to see no sign of anything at all….restlessly pluck the seed out to see what’s happened. So he plants it back again, comes back next day with a discouraged excitement to see nothing again. Angry man takes the seed out throws it away concluding it was such a waste of time.

If this man sounds obviously absurd to you…most of us already posses that quality and how is that it doesn’t strike you as weird?

Quick conclusions and judgements have made people evolve with mediocre relationships. Don’t you agree?

And the most annoying thing of all is when such a person says something like…”from my 30 years of experience”….rest of it is absolute bullshit.

Have you seen people killing a cockroach?!

When you realize you can handle any given topic or situation you start feeling relaxed and let people talk before voicing your opinion. People who don’t listen and forces their opinion onto others are the ones insecure about their own content.

Have you seen people killing a cockroach?

Ignorance is a powerful tool

Ignorance is such a powerful tool that we all tend to use at some point in our lives or may be everyday!?

When you know those fruits and veggies you eat everyday are kind of poisoned with preservatives.. chemicals are used to make them grow bigger or ripe fast…what steps do you really take? Yes you are aware what’s harming your health..but what do you really do about it? Ignore as if it’s no big deal..meh!

Though I make sure to get them from the best places…and wash off any possible chemicals on them. But I still choose to ignore the fact that it isn’t very effective. These things are not in my control so I choose to ignore it rather than ruining my peace thinking about it.

Think about the list of things you choose to ignore! We human beings are more focused on present situation than worrying about future, at least we say we do but we clearly don’t. We have so much crap to worry about for the next hour or day, so how can you effectively think and act about the future..fair argument.

I have seen people do horrible things and they choose to ignore and soon forget it altogether. The worst part is they behave like nothing ever happened. They don’t want to lose their sleep feeling guilty about what they did… So they kind of build this defense mechanism which makes them behave like everything’s fine and they did nothing wrong.

I find this scenario fascinatingly disturbing. We all do it but some take things to unbelievable extent.

Global warming is happening…economy is falling apart…

On the brighter side things are progressing. A small percentage among us are becoming aliens to rest of us with the kind of technology they are building. Power is shifting towards the geeks.

We are waiting for catastrophic incidents and social chaos.

What possibly could happen!?

A lot of people will die. People in the lower most layer of social status will be the ones that gets hit hard.

People in the top layers ignore and behave like things are normal. World will be occupied by the ones with sound knowledge or wealth.

Ignorance is not bad all the time. It will help you thrive in some scenarios.

Heal your sensitivity

When someone says something and you feel incredibly sensitive is because you have wound within (mostly insecurities) and you feel the pain when people reach it.. so how do you conclude this? Is it their fault or yours?

Scenario: When you are insecure about something, you come up with justifying conclusions and choose to believe it’s all gone and good.. But in real it’s just a cover-up. Whenever someone proves you wrong and make you realize it’s still in there… They are instantly activating your defense system.

As long as you don’t heal it… You are exposing yourself to pain that doesn’t even make sense most of the time.

Don’t focus on staying away from people that play with your wounds. Put yourself around them often to test where you stand. These people are not threats… They are your solution…they make you become stronger.

Mistake #54678

Just having this one quality called “learning from your mistakes” makes you more comfortable making mistakes..turns out you try out a lot of new things comfortably..which increases the possibility of you winning big time with so much experience.

On the other hand…people who doesn’t have this quality are always scared of making mistakes and being judged by others…will tend not to tey new things…almost always ends up a loser.

Symptoms: Blaming others when things go wrong…trying to get credits unnecessarily…feeling low frequently…bitching about people who tries… Not approving when people around you come up with possible solutions to a problem.

Conclusion: people judging that you are an ass is a secondary problem. The primary problem is you are putting a stop on yourself from becoming big. It’s a pity that you do all this thinking you are moving ahead to achieve greatness…but in reality mediocrity will become your life.

Am I really lazy?

For a very long time I believed I’m just being plain lazy and that’s what is standing in my way of becoming super successful online entrepreneur!

When I work, I work like a crazy workaholic..but I when I don’t, I while away time doing nothing and feeling guilty for being such a loser.

Let me give you an fine morning i decide to sign up for swimming..I’m consistent visiting the place for at least a week or two..but soon I stop visiting the pool and back to feeling guilty for not being consistent, also paying a hefty fee for the membership that just went for nothing. Are you able to relate to this scenario?

So my conclusions about this whole scenario..

I’m being lazy
I’m being inconsistent
I start things but never complete it

These conclusions are negatively influencing me on everything. I’m losing respect for myself.

What’s the real issue? I absolutely love swimming or at least being in water. The only problem I have is travelling! It takes about close to an hour to reach this place. So the one thing that fuel my laziness is travel time! If i can some how eliminate or figure out a way to deal with this one issue..I can be totally be consistent.

I figured out similar hurdles ruining my productivity at work. I realized I’m not being lazy..I’m just stuck or having a creative blockage. Spotting issues and eliminating them is transforming me from being lazy to hyper productive person!

Spot rotten eggs quickly

Make situations uncomfortable or challenging for people you are associated with and learn quickly what they really are deep you don’t get surprised after it’s too late! your rotten eggs as well. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations as often..monitor yourself without justifying your actions and spot rotten eggs if there is any! This will sure speedup your evolving process.

Irrational fear – kick them in the nuts

Looking back and I see I have been manipulated a lot by this one sucker! Riding under a bridge is fearsome.. Omg this bridge is gonna fall on my head anytime let’s speed up! Magically my bus ticket is gonna disappear so let me keep checking it once in a while…and a loads of such silly craps.

Irrational fear is not bad until its percentage remains small. Something like our greenhouse gas layer…as far as it remains thick enough for gasses and heat to enter our atmosphere and reflected back into space, everything is good. What happens when the heat that got inside our atmosphere gets trapped? That’s what exactly happens when we send too much carbondioxide making the ozone thicker so heat gets trapped and we are fucked once and for all. Global warming.

It is one of our primal instincts which helped us to be safe from predators and evolve. Your fear helps you come up with solutions to solve real problems. But when this irrational fear gets out of control that keeps you crippled. You can make it work for you or against you! It’s all about how you tame it.

You should check out some of these products available in the market supporting people’s irrational fear! I keep wondering why do they even need this!

Back to my story..I had this one big layer of irrational fear stacked on me for years. All those philosophies and solutions i cooked up were simply based on it. Problems were unnecessarily magnified or it didn’t matter at all. Eliminating this layer or bringing it under control gave me a new perspective about things and my philosophies got redefined quickly.

Every time I’m riding I have 1% chances of getting into an accident (I’m a decent rider)…we have this strict rules about wearing helmet..and i hate to wear one. Whenever I ride without an helmet I get super conscious. Now my chances of getting into an accident has suddenly become 2%! Imagine, a guy who checks his bus ticket often, how conscious will he be not to get caught by a traffic police?

I started thinking about what’s going to happen when i get caught? They take my license until I pay the fine in court or just have to pay him some bribe (I’m compromised I know), whatever it is i can handle it! Back to my 1%. The positive thing is I bought a new helmet and started wearing it.

Conquer your irrational fear! The more you run the more it chases you like a street dog. Most of the times you are magnifying and over complicating things. Movies you watch play a big role in feeding your brain with irrational fear about almost everything. Remember the effects you had after watching final destination?

Conquering your magnified fear can be personality altering.

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