MonthApril 2016

Take advantage of your jumpy personality

Changing course often hardly takes you anywhere. But what when your personality is all about getting bored easily when you are taped to one project for while..and always wanting to try new things? When everybody around you makes statements like “you won’t take any thing seriously and keep jumping projects..what’s wrong with you!” …you might even start feeling strongly that it is a problem.

It’s not a problem of course, that’s what you are! It’s your personality. Living your life otherwise causes you deep dissatisfaction and emptiness.

All you need is a cushion to feel comfortable and do the jumping. By cushion I mean a cash cow that makes money every month to cover your lavish lifestyle expenses and more. When you jump after the other you won’t bleed money and save an heart attack for people who are involved.

Set a course…hold on to it until you can start milking it and make it your cash cow. Now is your time to feed your personality! Try new things and instead of jumping from one to another figure out a way how you can keep them active and functional and still jump to a new project for whatever reason.

After a while you turn back you will find a bunch of functional businesses.. some might be dying, but it is not going to hurt you. Overall you might be at a profit or you have even found one or more gold mines. This is how you can use your personality as your leverage to scale your business.

That’s exactly what I intend to do from now on.

Technology: Separating wheat from chaff

Technology is generously helping lazy people to become more and more useless. So when things go wrong they perish easily. Separating wheat from chaff!

Ignorant mass are not bad people

People are such complex beings..make unnecessary dramas and magnify things that’s not even a problem. But they comfortably ignore shit storms that’s going to hit them any time. And that’s what helped our race to survive and thrive. Surviving and thriving as a better person is definitely different.

But I don’t think we should simply blame people for that anyway! When people give justifications to their actions to be compatible with societies views on what’s just and unjust…it almost always tends to be manipulated and fake.

We can’t blame the society as well. That’s the best we built for ourselves to thrive as a society. Evolved since long..tested and optimized.

To be unique we should break out of this system and build something solid to seperate us from the average crowd. Separating ourselves from the rest to be with 5% crowd without blaming anyone.

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