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Every Freaking thing is Connected – One more proof

If you have already figured out disciplines to be successful, you’ll realize that almost every author preaches the very same idea over and over again..just in a different form.

When you ask a super affiliate about set of ways to be successful he’ll layout examples related to his work. If you ask a realtor or an artist or anybody who’s successful in their profession…they’ll almost give you the similar set of rules with different examples and explanation.

Is that not evident enough?

Rules are simple. Stop over analyzing and get shit done already.

Progress Update! DEC 2015



When i first created this business plan i was looking at the board and thinking..”Well i have so much to accomplish..and there’s no time left!”

i was struggling for around 4 months on teespring + Facebook to make something work. I was waiting for that one campaign that’s gonna make so much money for me to comfortably scale this business.

The ultimate plan was to make money from teespring and put that into teefry. Teefry needs loads of money for development (even registration is not done yet!). Finally after 4 months of struggle i found that one campaign that’s bringing in decent profits..actually not one but two!

Now when i look at the board it makes me realize..we need better upgrade for this plan. We have outgrown the basic plan!

Vision is solid and growing strong but plans are changing. Better plans for teefry to thrive as a company much sooner. So excited for the year 2016!

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