MonthSeptember 2015

If you think life’s unfair..

Life is not unfair. It has few simple set of parameters for a living to thrive. Life doesn’t care who only cares if you came through its parameters. We on the other hand play the fair and unfair game making the entire system complex.

If someone is playing unfair with doesn’t care if they got what they deserved…it only cares if you still on the track passing its parameters. If you go off track blaming unfair players.. life gives no shit.

No blaming no one…that’s the way it has to be for life to evolve.

Mastering life’s simple rules/parameters. Making rules to simplify complex system around us. Be on the game or cry about it. Life gives no shit.

Affiliate Marketing Hard On

When finding a new opportunity or a new campaign idea gets you an affiliate marketing hard on..whether you are gonna see imaginary success and jerkoff or take actions and fuck the shit out of it makes all the difference.

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