MonthMay 2015

Becoming the source for awesomeness

To access real potential deep within you…you must detach yourself from the normal senses you are so used to everyday…that happens when you consume alcohol…or when you go to meditation state or overly confident or something similar.

Learning to access it upon will.. will make you the source for awesomeness. This will only work for people who has deep meaningful content/character.

Gaining power over people through acceptance!

When people look up to you or if they so love you for what you are… They will always seek for your acceptance in whatever they do…they do something and if you love it they feel so cool…or they just follow your recommendation because they think whatever you say is cool. Now that’s a lot of responsibility.

You can stretch the acceptance point so much to make it all constructive for them…but there is a point where you should stop stretching or they just give it up ..feel alienated and call it “fuck it all” and move towards exact opposite direction real quickly.

Knowing how much you can stretch is power. You can alter limits as well.

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