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What’s your Gravity!

A flower that attract bees has gravity. A woman who attract guys has gravity. Anything with a quality to attract something has gravity. I call it gravity because it adds up weightage to the concept.

If you are working as an employee, you are sticking to the company for a reason. Maybe because you get a fat paycheck? May be the job is so satisfying? If you are like caged to the company with a bond or you caged yourself with the company because you get paycheck every month end..your situation is pretty fucked up. Imagine it like a sun without gravity to attract and hold up planets, chaining them to make them revolve around.

The company has a gravity and you are attracted to it because it fulfill your needs. And this gravity is built upon whatever good reasons you have to stick with the company. Further breaking it down.. Each individual with the company has gravity. The more gravity you move up on the company’s hierarchy.

Sometimes I wonder, how is that particular person is able to pull off such impossible task…what gives him/her such confidence… Now I know they are sure about the gravity they possess and they know how far they can afford to reach with it. May be they have so much money that lays a strong gravity on them… May be the power….or their skill set. The more your gravity is, the more your confidence become. You will find leverage with people to get them to do what you desire.

Not necessarily a person with money or power or skill set can achieve strong gravity. But you need them to build one.

I believe our entire universe can be explained by just observing what’s revolving around you. That fascinates me more and more to keep observing people and how they roll.

Well…after these realizations.. I look at myself to evaluate gravity I possess. I have skills but not enough gravity to pull something real big leveraging it. Knowing where I stand with some clear insights makes me keep moving forward with much faster pace 🙂

Now….what’s your gravity? What are you attracting with it??

Fetch My Results

Actions fetch results! Looking at my past I laugh so hard at some actions I took. But, good or bad.. results are insightful. You will know what to do next or what not to.

Problem being a perfectionist personality is they always have starting trouble. An excellent idea without execution is as good as bull crap. While people with average talents take actions and see results…these perfectionists (like me) sit on their asses and wait for the perfect time to take action. If you figure out a way to deal with this starting trouble, being a perfectionist is a blessing otherwise a curse.

Being Myself..

I hate hanging out with groups. I hate being around people for long hours. It’s not because i hate’s just that I don’t fit in easily and I hate to be fake trying to fit in. Being yourself could be the answer to spot the right one who likes your shit.

Spotting a Fake Bitch

If you catch someone one showing off too much about their happy life on Facebook or project their happy side of life unnecessarily, you have possibly spotted a fake bitch.

Everybody conceives ideas about ideal happiness from movies, books or from people they like. Now they frame a definition for happiness and set out to pursue it.

When they are not backed up with proper resources that generates happiness, they hate to accept the fact and instead of focusing on building sources for happiness they start faking it. They start projecting others how cool and happy their life is and start believing their pseudo reality to be real. Deep inside they know their true self…but on top of it they hold on to projections they created and continue doing it. Now, be careful when you say things to them! Because, they can be hyper sensitive, hyper defensive or hyper dramatic. They are in constant fear of someone finding out the reality going on deep under. Every word you say will go through a process where it gets magnified, over analyzed and most of the time they end up getting unnecessarily hurt. If you pinpoint their reality they will detect you as serious threat and start treating you like an enemy until you become fake-compatible.

As the saying goes “empty vessel makes noise” …when you are empty and stuck, naturally you tend to justify your situation by projecting you are not empty. This process can make a fake bitch out of you. If you spot someone with those qualities, instead of labelling them as fake bitch, help them get resources they deserve.

PS. How long can she fake an orgasm? Before shit goes real learn the secrets of foreplay!

Mistake #999

Living a life focusing more on not making mistakes will turn you into a person who doesn’t enjoy life to the fullest.

Guilt, regrets and such feelings should be dealt with when they happen. When you focus more on controlling them from happening in the first place, you are just manipulating your life and welcoming fakeness into your life.

Growing up to become a person who accepts his mistakes..confront and fix them will turn you into a person who makes mistakes less frequently and be mature about it when it happens.

Becoming mature is a slow process which takes loads of mistakes and observations. The less your mistakes become the more you mature. When you are are ripe. If you constantly fake to be ripe, your fruits are not edible.

Making mistakes is not the goal..learning to confront and fix them is.

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