MonthDecember 2014

When you don’t like something…

Most times when you say you don’t like something…you don’t realize you just don’t understand it so you prefer to hate it.

The Judge

Instead of focusing on not being judgmental…I believe in focusing on becoming a better judge.

Hyper Active Brain..

Super hyper active state of brain make things possible. Just figuring out how to keep yourself high without drug consumption… Will take you places.

Hot water philosophy

Every time I carry boiling water in a vessel from kitchen to bathroom (hot water bath is divine..that’s a different story)…..I don’t use a towel to carry it because I don’t find one near… heat is unbearable at times. But what happens if I drop it because I feel my fingers getting burnt!? The very thought of it makes it all bearable. I realize it every time this happens. Sometimes people can’t bear a little bit of temporary pain so drop things only to suffer much worse.

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